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YourOHome, Property Management Software  by YourOSoft

YourOHome Silver Package

The basic version!

Manage your company data using a an efficient web solution. Add, share and retrieve your data in 5 seconds!

YourOHome Gold Package

The financial version!

Manage your financial in the systems, from invoices, to rents and bank accounts.

YourOHome Diamond Package

The complete solution!

Use statistics, reporting and control tools for supervision and gives web access to your clients.

YourOHome Screenshots

In order to present a detailed functionalities of our solution, you will find several screenshots. The images were partially blurred to maintain the confidentiality of data. If you would like more information or are able to access our Version, do not hesitate to contact us.

Presentation of the backoffice

Dashboard of the backoffice
Invoice Management
Owner record
Owner overview
Property record
Property overview
Service reports
Insurance reports
Employee reports

Presentation of the Front Office for owners

The front office allows you to offer your owner personalized access. This access provides simplified and clear data of different apartments, each owner of the apartment sheet, sheets rental with access to various documents (contracts, inventory, ...). In addition, each owner can get detailed views of the banking operations related to the management of their apartments and export these data  to Excel, in one-click !

Homepage of the owner Front Office
Owners consult their invoice records
Consult your bank operations and export in Excel format
Consult the details of each bank operation and each invoice 

Presentation of the Front Office for the accountants

This front office allows you to offer personalized access to your accountants.

This access provides first  a simplified interface to access data required to manage the accountancy of the apartments:
  • each owner managed by the accountant has a dedicated page
  • each page allow the accountants to  access to  the owner record, various documents (contracts, inventory, ...), list of invoices and banking data, exportable to Excel.
Second, your accountants can also access records of the bank accounts and thus control banking flows: operations, invoice (rents or other) related to banking movement.
View the bank operation associated to a property and export in Excel format
View the invoices of a property and export in Excel format