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YourOHome, Property Management Software by YourOSoft

YourOHome Silver Package

The basic version!

Manage your company data using a an efficient web solution. Add, share and retrieve your data in 5 seconds!

YourOHome Gold Package

The financial version!

Manage your financial in the systems, from invoices, to rents and bank accounts.

YourOHome Diamond Package

The complete solution!

Use statistics, reporting and control tools for supervision and gives web access to your clients.

Presentation of YourOHome

Our solution is a “full web” platform. It is accessible from any Internet connection, and allow you to benefits from a complete solution for your property management activity. YourOHome key points are

  • a complete property management solution
  • a full web solution: neither installation nor IT department are required
  • management interface (backoffice) and client interfaces (frontoffices), for tailored made communication
  • a robust and secure solution,
  • a storage of your management documents,
  • simplified backup and restore functions,
  • a free email support

Our back office make your management easy

With our back office, you can manage:

  • owners and contacts
  • accounting of the owners (bank account, bank operations, thresholds)
  • invoices, according to their status (registered, pending, paid) 
  • renting and rents: payment of rents, storage of related documents,
  • utilities management (gas, electricity, Internet, water ...)
  • tasks and maintenance operations
  • meetings
  • common costs and insurances 

E mail alerts and automatic reminders

In order to simplify your daily activity, we also offer a complete management system with automatic reminders for the meetings, actions (tasks) and renting.

Report and dashboard

Our platform also offers tools to simplify the management of your daily activity via dashboards and tools for visualization synthesized. The global administrators are also able to supervise the global status of the renting.

Our front office for the owners provide tailor made communication to your clients

To improve your relation with your owners, YourOSoft offers a fully customizable client interface (front office) that allow your owners at any time, without contacting you, to:

  • view the information of their property (management data, services),
  • follow the rental payments and activities (rentals sheets, documents, rents)
  • view the news related to their properties (tasks, events)
  • consult their invoices related to the management activity
  • view and export (to Excel or CSV) details of their bank accounts 

This interface is entirely based on the back office, which free you from handling double entries.

Our front office for the accountants make your accountant's life easier

As our platform lets you specify accountancy data, we developed another client interface for your accountants. It allows your accountants to:

  • view the assets of their owners
  • view and export (to Excel or CSV) invoices
  • view and export (to Excel or CSV) details of their bank accounts

Just like the interface for the owners, it is entirely based on the back office.

An always evolving platform have high expectation for yourself

To meet the expectations of our customers, we keep our software up to date and continuously offer new functionalities We especially consider:

  • Support for efficiently monitor the activity of the employees
  • Support for monitoring the relationship with the owners (smart and integrated email system)
  • Evaluation of the return of investment (cost, cost / income),
  • Calculating and monitoring the profitability of the property.