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YourOHome, Property Management System for Central Europe professionals

Presentation of YourOHome

YourOHome is an Enterprise Resource Planning (E.R.P.) system. It thus provides you with an IT solution to efficiently manage your company and increase your productivity. Thee benefits comes from the fact that our E.R.P system simplifies your activity by handling tasks that can be automatically handle and by offering you business oriented services. We thus offer you

  • a business oriented management interface for tailor-made communications
  • a robust and secure solution
  • an integrated support

YourOHome is also a web system, which thus lets you benefit from

  • a 24/7 available platform, from anywhere at anytime
  • a storage of your management documents
Dashboard of the backoffice
Invoice Management
Employee reports

YourOHome is a system build with and for property management companies in Hungary and Central Europe. Contrary to any other E.R.P. systems, it thus means that we build our solution to meet the exact need of European real estate companies. We thus provide our customer concrete solutions that answer their needs.

We for instance propose the following property management specific services

  • dedicated records (property, contact, rents) dedicated for and focus on the property management market needs
  • dedicated workflow, to match the property management processes and usages: smart and useful relations beteen properties, owners, contacts and invoices
  • dedicated tools, to provide appropriate answers to the need of global overviews and issues tracking: payment by properties, contacts, reminders ; global overviews by properties, insurance companies and other services (electricity, gas)
Owner overview
Property record
Property overview
Service reports

Besides, our solution is a complete property management systems that takes into accounts all the peoples included in the management activities such as the accountants, owners. We offer specific platform to answer the needs of your partners and clients.

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