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With our partners, we offer you a robust hosting solution for your website. We maintain the system and provide you with tools that help you manage your applications. You will find below a detailed explanation of our hosting solution.

Basic hosting

This offer, based on Debian Lenny, includes the following services.

ServiceTechnical details
A secured ftp accessSFTP Protocol
A web access to your databasePHPMyAdmin Solution
The ability to run PHP scriptsApache 2 Server, PHP 5.3

In addition to these services, we offer several additional solutions adapated to your needs. 

Backups of your data

The ability to save your database via PHPMyAdmin tool is a basic option to ensure the stability of your tools. However, this backup can be tedious to perform, control and simply forgotten.

We thus provide you with automatic and daily backups (backups stored up to 7 days), downloadable from a personalized interface. The automatic generation of backups is accompanied by a reminder asking you to retrieve and save your data.

Secure connections (HTTPS)

SSL Partner

To ensure the security of your transactions (financial or not), the use of encryption technology is essential. We therefore propose the integration of SSL certificates on our servers. These certificates allow you then to rely on HTTPS connections. We recommend our DigiCert partner, based on our partnership with the YourOSoft KFT company.

If you already have an hosting solution, we propose to extend your exsiting offer with security features. First, we can manage all your certificates and their installation on your server (depending on the configurations of the latter). This prevents you from having to manage their storage or interact with nth intermediate. We will be your single contact! Second, as stated on the website of our partner DigiCert, several types of certificates exist. We can guide you to find the solutions that match your needs.